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The Surgery
The Print Doctor has worked in the printing industry for 40 years
Having studied for five years at the London College of Printing, passing the  five
year photolithography examination with credit and the basic and advanced City & Guilds
examinations with distinction. Having owned and run his printing business for over 20 years.
He is suited to advice on all aspects of the printing industry, from Cheap Leaflets to complicated NCR Pads.
We aim to help people with any problem they may have relating to printing and publishing
from artwork  to paper selection, from  questions about ink to methods of finishing. But why would we do
this? You don’t have to use us, but it helps the industry to resolve problems and more importantly it will help the planet
every job saved is a tree saved, we all need to be responsible, and our industry especially. So the Blog is Cheapleaflets
way of giving back to society!  So how do I get your help? Easy... You can read the Blog, if what you need to know isn’t
any any of the articles, then ask the question on the form below.
Need faster help just telephone us on 01732 862461, it’s easy!
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