mcdonaldsYour corporate identity is the key to you recognition! Whether you are an established business or a start up business! Think of the golden ‘M’ of Mcdonalds, the green and yellow flower of the BP logo or the yellow and red shield of Shell! What do they have in common… colour!

But how do you define your corporate colour? It is not as straight forward as you think – the dilemma is Pantone or CMYK! When it comes to print there are two methods of producing a colour. The universal method is the Pantone matching system, a colour is defined by a number. By looking up the number in the Pantone book you get the recipe that tells you which colours and in which proportions give the colour you desire! Better still it is a world wide system, so make sure you know the PMS number of your corporate colours! So if you have leaflets printed in Japan, or a menu printed in the U.S.A your corporate style is safe.
The issue is you need to maintain your corporate identity’s colours and you want to use them in a brochure or leaflet with colour pictures. The problem is that a picture is printed in a different way and uses the CMYK process. CMYK? Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black. By printing these four colours in varying proportions you can generate all the colours of the rainbow. But the problem as we will discover in a future blog is that some colours will not reproduce faithfully. For some companies when producing a brochure or report and accounts or menu, then printing a fifth or six or even more colours are used to maintain the all important corporate or house style!
The problem is some colours do not reproduce faithfully to the ‘Pantone ‘ book. The problem can be exaggerated by the paper if coated or uncoated paper is used then the colour will appear different, as can be seen in the earlier blog ‘ALL THAT SHIMMERS IS NOT GOLD-OR AT LEAST DOESN’T LOOK GOLDEN?’
ph_main_logo [Converted]House style is king! The importance cannot be over emphasised, so how you deal with colour matching across all aspects of promoting your business is paramount. The advice from the ‘Print Doctor’ is to take advice. We are here to help, just ask. Our advice is free and we have the experience to assist you and your company, but if you prefer ask you printer he will be keen to help you!
The golden rule is no matter what, a leaflet, your letterhead or business card the colour should ALWAYS be the same. The bottom line is… no matter where your business is based in the world and where in the world you want to advertise or have your printing produced, REMEMBER your PMS number! It is your image, your identity!

 Whatever you do this Christmas remember have a great time and your family is what’s important not the material world!

Live long and Prosper

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