Show you REALLY care this Christmas

Every year I receive e-cards and a note saying ‘we have decided to donate the money we would have spent on Christmas cards to charity and instead sent e-cards’! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a ‘Scrooge’ and I have my favourite charities, but does everything in life convert to a monetary value? 

For example, ‘Honey I have sold the children and given the money I received for them and the money we would have spent on their upbringing to charity. Is that OK with you’? Well no, the thing that defines humanity is ‘caring’, making an effort for the people you care about.
So do you care about your clients? Your family? Would your life be as complete or as happy if you did not have them? Then prove it, show you care. Make an effort and send a proper card, something that shows you care and you went the extra mile for a friend!
So if you are going that far show it comes from the heart.. send a personalised card. A card with a picture that has meaning, the name of the person YOU care about loud and proud inside. It needn’t cost any more in terms of cash, but you may have to put some effort into it… so are they worth it? DO IT!
50/50 Deal

Your Picture, Your Text… Your Love!

The present doesn’t last and will be broken in a month but the sentiment lasts forever. Everyone remembers a good deed, a hand stretched out in friendship. So ask yourself are your friends worth a proper card and yes give the charity donation as well. So you may be £50 worse off in your bank balance but in the account of your life the credit is incalculable.

Have a great Christmas, show you care, show the love.
Live long and prosper.  :)

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