It will do it … But should it?

At the risk of sounding like or becoming a ‘grumpy old man’ it seems to me that we have become infatuated with computers! As time goes by this love affair with technology has made the human race look like a load of love struck teenagers. Blinded by over charged hormones, blinded to common sense and logic. Dribbling and muttering inanely about new technology.

Get a life!

Now I understand that youngsters on a limited budget need to text their friends for reasons of economy, but grown ups with the ability of speech and a modicum of intelligence are perfectly capable of using the telephone. But oh no, they would much rather send an email, then become enraged if the recipient does not respond! The chances are that they missed a ‘dot’ out of the email address and it was never received! But oh no now logic has completely flown the coupe instead of telephoning you to find out why you haven’t responded they send another email to… wait for it…. the same email address!! The final insanity of this is they are probably doing this on their mobile TELEPHONE!

You want to get a message out… leaflets and letters are great! People like them they have worked for hundreds of years! During the war both the enemy and the allies dropped leaflets… they won’t be dropping IPads!

If a computer is capable of doing something that doesn’t mean it should, if it is quicker to pick up a telephone and have a totally interactive conversation which is quick simply and readily understood my adults use the telephone. I go to meetings and someone wants my number instead of taking my business card or scribble it on pad, they get there phone out and waste my time while they try and find the screen or try to work out how the wretched thing works, then try to type on a keyboard even smaller than there intellect! What’s worse it is happening all around me hours are wasted! Notes are great quick easy and permanent, and you can sketch something or draw a map on a pad or the back of an envelope (now that is recycling!) try that on your telephone.

If you want to send greetings to someone send them a card, don’t send an e-card because its is free and then claim you are actually saving the planet! All that shows is you made no real effort it means absolutely nothing and has all the sincerity of a bank manager! If you care show it!

It’s going to Hurt!

For nearly 100 year the quality of sound systems and televisions has increased year on year to the point where massive plasma TV’s and superb ‘all around sound’ are the norm. So what do we do? Start watching on and listening to computers or even worse mobile phones! Or at least we try what we actually do is watch that little round thing go round and round while it apologetically claims to be ‘BUFFERING’. Buffers are what’s on the end of railways line, the ultimate safe guard against a crash. Using these mad devises will cause your intellect to crash and drive your addled brain into the buffers! OUCH!

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You know I do feel better for that… live long and prosper!

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