What if your client forgot YOU?!

In the last Blog I dispelled the myth that the concept of ‘viral marketing’ was a new one and a product of the Internet. 

The other myth which needs to be dispelled is the idea that SEO (search engine optimisation) will in some way keep your companies name in front of the prospective or indeed existing client. The nonsense about this notion is that the client is going to stop what they are doing, interrupt there productive day and spontaneously look for you! Why is the client going to keep searching for you on the web?

So what can be done to make sure your client notices you without intending too or going out of their way to do so? The answer is obvious well established and proven beyond dought! In fact there are two solutions so you have a choice!

The two solutions to the problem are calenders and desk jotters ‘Oh Yes’ I hear you moan but listen to the argument and compare that to a web based solution (if you can find one that works).

The Marketing Tool… THAT WORKS!!

I have found that desk jotters are the most effective way of reminding your prospect about YOU! It is the only marketing tool I use to promote Promotion House that our clients ask us for. Now (November) is the time I am asked ‘are you doing desk jotters this year’? January onwards ‘have you got a new desk jotter’ as they wave last years doodled, dog eared jotter and in some cases jotters from years gone bye and why??? BECAUSE THEY ARE USEFUL! So people want them, keep them, use them and YOUR name is in front of them literally for the whole year and longer! How can they forget you? The design we use have the calender around three edges our contact details at the bottom. Our logo as a watermark in the middle. The jottors owner won’t throw it away because their important notes, phone numbers etc. are all over them.

The recipient will remember YOU for the whole year!

The other solution is the calendar and don’t say ‘oh yes’ and yawn! Think if they have been around for years and there is a reason.. could it be because they work? People keep them because they are useful, decorative and they work. Always use a design with room to ad comments on each page. I make notes about my MOT (as there is no other reminder) dentist appointments as I want to forget these and this is why your client will keep and use it! I use both marketing tools. The calender costs from as little as £1 per calender for a whole years publicity, sounds like a bargain doesn’t it?

To find out more ask Promotion House always happy to help!

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