The original and still the best Viral Marketing

Like a lot of things said about the internet, it just comes down to re-inventing the wheel!

The nerds among us will say that the latest form of marketing is ‘viral marketing’ and that it is spread like a virus using social media. Poppy-cock! There is nothing new about viral marketing and I will give you just one example… the humble printed pad.

The ideal way to market YOUR company consider this, you go to an event be it a breakfast net working event, a exhibition or you just cold call a prospect. You give out or leave to be taken an A6 pad with your company details, see photograph, the recipient picks it and keeps it…why? Because it is of value and will be useful and fits in there pocket or can be left in the car or by the telephone. Every time they write a note they see YOUR name, they can’t help but see it.

But it does not end there this is a true virus and like true viruses is passed on person to person, the recipient writes on the pad tears off the note along with YOUR details and gives it to… well, there best client maybe, HM The Queen well maybe not but it is a possibility no matter how remote! Your message delivered free without you lifting a finger.

I know at least two people who go networking meetings that I go to and take several pads and give them to their clients do I care? NO! All are potential clients! The virus spreads.

I use pads printed by Promotion House in colour and they are very cost effective and very good quality but more over… They work!

The proof: I went to a meeting the other day I had never been to before and I had never met the person on the door. BUT they were writing on one of my pads, I wondered what journey it had been on to arrive there. Now that truly is viral marketing.

If you want to know more click this link. You don’t want your business to catch a cold.

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