Loads of Orders

So you read the Print Doctors Blog and followed the advice and produced really effective and really economical leaflets, or maybe your menu was so mouth-watering in it’s presentation that you are now rushed off your feet with orders, so how are you going to take them, and control them?

It doesn’t matter if you are receiving your order in your restaurant or on the doorstep or in the showroom the answer is the same. In the age of computerisation we find here at Promotion House that people almost more than before are using NCR Pads…. N-what? NCR=No Carbon Required. It is usually 80gsm although there is a 170gsm board weight but available for the bottom sheet only.

The reason why the computer just doesn’t cut it are many you have instant copies, you can draw a sketch, use them anywhere, they can be numbered, have the conditions on the back, be contained in a book, the flexibility goes on and on.

Pads, Pads, Pads

A pad can be any size, and the parts can be the same or all different, for example some fields on the form can be obscured on some parts if there is sensitive information. They can be made into a book with some parts perforated and can be removed while others aren’t and stay in the book. If required, they can be perforated across so perhaps there is a tear off section at the bottom.

Usually the pad has a grey board back to make the pad rigid, it can have a cover that wraps around which has the added advantage of being tucked between the sets to avoid writing through more than one set! As I write this we at Promotion House are producing a pad for a well known store for returned goods, it has three parts, grey board back and a cover, it is numbered in two places on two of the parts and only in one place on the third. The third part is on 170gsm board weight. A complicated pad, which totally four fills the complicated use it is required for

Points to remember:

  • The middle sheet is the most expensive so if you don’t need more than two parts, don’t have them!
  • If you press too hard then you can go through to the set below the one you are using, insert a card divider!
  • There is a special glue which magically glues the sets as sets, so you can give a salesman just one set!
  • There are a choice of colours so plan what would suit your product or service.
  • A pad can be plain paper, makes a great promotional gift, a message pad with your name & logo you give to your clients.

Live long and Prosper

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