Bondage is a Bind

So Shakespeare you’ve written your novel the history of your really, really – yawn exciting life, but how are you going to present it to the world? Well of course you have to print it but how to finish it? Depending on the subject the binding can make a huge difference. Books are practical things and binding can aid the ease with which your book can be used.

At Promotion House we print all types of books, and the type of binding we advice depends on the type of book  you are publishing, for example lots of societies, clubs and fund raisers etc. produce ‘Recipe’ books, these use recipes contributed by donors. The best way to bind such a book is to ‘wire’ bind it, this is like have a large thin spring coiled around the spine. Why I here you say? Well consider being in the kitchen your hands are covered in flour, and the book has the usual type of binding (perfect binding) the book keeps closing and refuses like a spoil child to lay flat, and drives you mad. The wire binding allows the book to lay completely flat! This has many applications for books. Think of some examples, music score books lay nice and flat on your piano, Liberace wouldn’t be without it! Working on your car your hands covered in grease, the manual stays flat on the bench ….. perfect! There is another option to wire binding, that is ‘comb’ binding, it is cheaper than wire and has the advantage of being able to be re-opened and more pages inserted. It isn’t as ‘pretty’ to look at and not as durable, but it is an option!

Proper Binding lasts for Ages

The conventionl paper back binding is ‘perfect binding’ this ideal for books when not being read they stack tight on the shelf they have durable stitched binding. The usual method is to print the book in sections, then stitch the sections together and then glue the spine and the wrap around cover to the book then a final trim and the book is perfect! At Promotion House we print all types if books and finish them all in the most appropriate way.

Finally there are of course other options, such a injection gluing similar to perfect binding but no where near as durable. If you want to be able to remove the leaves or ad leaflets and such additional pages, then of course you can drill the pages and put them into a ring binder. Ring binders come in all colours and capacities. Even having pockets on the covers and spines for adding cover pages.

So there are the options whatever the book there is an option to suit!

Live long and Prosper

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